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Inventing Tomorrow | CNNI

“Necessity is the mother of invention. And in a world where every day physical human interaction can be dangerous, we need technology more than ever. The global coronavirus pandemic has led to an unprecedented volume of technological advancements, as countries and companies join together to find creative and essential solutions in everything from healthcare to communications to lifestyle. In this half hour special program, Kristie Lu Stout meets the entrepreneurs, businesses and experts developing innovative ways to combat this health crisis. The show delves into the technology and implications of contact tracing, 3D printing and how we are connecting with one another online and navigating the world virtually – as well as how it all will impact and change the way we live.”

I wanted to showcase 3D printing, connectivity & contact tracing (in the form of phone pings) in the open – one tech invention leading into another – a snowballing of technology. The pixels are reminiscent of the spreading pandemic as well as the subsequent expansion of tech used to combat it.